Tuesday, April 1, 2008

making my wife a horney exhibitionist

Hi my name is Akhil and my wife is shivya and we live in south Delhi . I guess about a year back I started reading some naughty stories on the net and there were a certain type of stories that really excited me I started thinking more and more about it and was wondering when people write these stories are they real or just fantasies or a mix of both and do these things really happen in real life ,what are the risks and so many questions like that Well anyways to get on shivya is 5’4 fair and slim Punjabi and 33c –26-33 figure .she used to live in Ludhiana when I got married and she moved to Delhi with me Shivya I guess was the new person in my group of friends so she really used to make a lot of effort with my friends so that she fits in with the gang. some times I noticed that she would be a bit flirty with my friends too . Nothing that drastic but I guess hug tight or rub her boobs on a friends arm at a party of course making every thing look casual and accidental. But I guess I would watch her and this would really arouse me and at night when having sex I would imagine one of my friends fucking her and wondering if she really wanted that too. About a year back my parents had a party at home and called all their friends and relatives, shivya and I were there too helping out and chatting and I noticed that one old uncle would be calling her so often to pass him the sacks .I wondered why and then realized this dirty old mans trick. Every time shivya passed him the snacks she would bend down and for the few seconds he would get a lovely view of her cleavage. I don’t think shivya realized that and I didn’t tell her , I was really enjoying this old mans tricks to view my wife .I mean he is usually such a decent old uncle I never suspected he was this naughty .Any ways nothing more happened except that when leaving and saying bye he called shivya told her that she was such a good hostess and hugged her and I noticed how his hands went right on her ass when he was hugging her and I’m sure he must have felt her soft boobs on his chest .I was very aroused and every night I used to have sex imagining the old uncle trying to fuck her. And sex was just wonderful with this imagining part A moth later we were at a friends party and we were all sitting on chairs and chatting and I noticed a strange thing. There was a waiter there serving snacks and he would walk behind my wife’s chair a lot I mean even if he had to serve snacks to others he would always take the route from behind my wife’s chair. I wondered why and I walked there only to realize that since shivya was wearing these low waisted jeans and was too busy chatting her ass crack and her thong panties were showing from behind and I guess the waiter was just loving it . I guess for him to see the ass crack and panties of a rich modern lady was very arousing. Just then shivya got up and asked where the bathroom was and the waiter told her the way. Then I noticed that the waiter after showing her way left his tray and ran out of the house. I noticed that and decided to follow him out and I saw the bathroom shivya was in had a window towards the garden and the waiter was standing outside the window with his pants down ,undies down and peeping in and stroking his big hard cock . I was really shocked that what could he bee seeing as the curtain was drawn so maybe he was just getting a small peek of her legs and seeing that her jeans were on the floor as she was peeing inside. Seeing him masturbating and knowing that he was looking at my wife in the bathroom was really arousing for me. I was so honey that I left the party as quickly as I could with shivya and we drove a bit and I stopped the car and started making out with her in the car only, I guess this whole situation had really aroused me We got home and I tore her clothes and went straight to bed and we had great sex she was morning so loud when I was entering her and loving it and I was imagining her wow I wish it was that dirty waiter humping her. Well then came the shocking part she suddenly stopped and asked me Akhil “I known there is some thing that you are hiding from me, we have been married for 3 years and sex was getting very routine till last month after your parents party and today both these days you have fucked me sooo hard .I know there is a reason for it which you are hiding from me” I was shocked and didn’t know what to say should I hid it from her or tell her honestly ….I was really confused. Well then I made a decision to be honest and tell her and that I feel is he best decision I’ve ever made . I told her I really loved her and she was the best and every thing I ever wanted but it does excite me to see some man lusting for her, it sort of made me proud in a way and I imagined other men fucking her like my old uncle or like the waiter and people like that.She was completely shocked and was screaming at me for being weird but at the same time I did notice that she was very excited. Anyways I guess she too admitted that such thoughts excited her too as long as it was done in a safe way and no one came to know about it plus we do live in a society and I guess we did not want to get a bad name in the society .Well with her agreeing I guess started our wonderful adventure of exposing her to unsuspecting males. In the past year we have tried soo many naughty escapades that I don’t know where to start and where to end Initially she started dressing a little more provocative. Like wearing short skirts, thight tops, sarees with some really sexy blouses and stuff like that . She would get ready before me and sit in the drawing room waiting for me and I guess the servants used to be staring at her, then we would go down in the lift and the lift man from the corner of his eye would be staring and same with the watchman of the building. All this used to excite me a lot We would go out shopping to these road side shops and my wife would take her time bending low when selecting the goods and all this time the shopkeeper would be getting the greatest view of her boobs and I would be standing next to her and looking at the lust filled face of the shopkeeper .so times we would go in taxis and start kissing and I would start fondling her boobs knowing well that the taxi driver was looking in the rear view mirror and getting hard looking at my wife. I would at times tell her when getting off the car to open her legs so that people standing there would get a glimpse of her panties . Initially we used to do these harmless fun things of exposing her . We tried different things with shopkeepers, Delivery boys, Old uncles and servants at home and outside too


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